Be a Troodon

Troodon lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 75 to 65 million years ago. It was a small, bird-like dinosaur that is believed to have been highly intelligent for its time.

Troodon is often regarded as one of the most intelligent dinosaurs based on its relatively large brain size in proportion to its body. Its brain-to-body mass ratio indicates a potential for advanced cognitive abilities. The dinosaur's brain had specialized regions associated with sensory processing and complex behaviors.

Evidence suggests that Troodon had keen senses, including excellent eyesight and hearing, which would have helped it navigate its environment and locate prey. Some scientists speculate that Troodon may have been nocturnal, using its enhanced vision to hunt in low-light conditions.

What makes Troodon's story particularly intriguing is that it lived alongside the large predatory dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex. This raises questions about how Troodon's intelligence and behavior gave it an advantage over other dinosaurs.

Its characteristics and brain structure provide intriguing possibilities for its cognitive abilities and behavior. Our design is inspired to capture eyesight.

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